Some Thoughts from Last Night


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I will always love reading people’s responses to our shows.


I accidentally just bought “The Unmistakable Man” on vinyl UH OOPS

Haha. “Accidentally.”


River City Extension.
If you haven’t heard them I suggest you do. If you haven’t downloaded their music, do it.

With the way I’m able to view the world, some understanding of myself, and understanding of others; I’m able to appreciate the music (all aspects of it) now more than ever.

Every song makes me want to know what you’ve been through to feel that way.

Your music is truly an amazing gift to share with the world. Don’t forget it.

Thank you for these wonderful & inspiring words.

Really. Thank you.

200 - 1 XDXD


If you read all of these I will give you 100 dollars US

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I just saw this man. The next time we see each other, one of us has to have a wii, a TV, & SSB Brawl in tow just so I can remind you that Diddy is the law. 😈


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Joe’s new guitar in action.

Music Monday: Lydia & River City Extension


New blog post: Music Monday featuring Lydia & River City Extension #MusicMonday #NowPlaying


One thing I’ve loved since I was a teenager is going to live shows/concerts. Of course now I prefer to watch from further back and avoid the pit of tweens, but seeing a musician or band in person…

Check out this wonderful write up about the first tour we went on!

"You do not exist—you are a product of my loneliness."

River City Extension (via madwildmiracle)

I just had the same reaction as the other person. saw someone from the band liked my playlist post and just stared at it for a bit. thanks!

Haha. You guys are awesome. Thank YOU!!!

Sorry for the stale account, guys.

Tumblr (staff) needs to get on having multiple logged in accounts. It’d really help out with things on our end!