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Has anyone ever successfully gotten all 151 original Pokemon (Mew included) tattooed?

Mini-Mix (10.8.2014)



Quick note about my choices. The vibe of this mix is definitely GROOVE, and you will see I like to use that word A LOT when describing these songs. I tried to keep the R&B genre as the glue of this mix, but branched out and grabbed a little of the funk and soul aspects that can be heard in each…

I know this isn’t at all crucial to quality of River City Extension as a musical entity, but I hope you guys know how awesome it is that you make such awesome posts about random/terrific shit.
As a pretty big fan of RCE, it’s nice to see posts about, y’know, real life stuff? As in it really drives home that you’re all three-dimensional people, and not just a photo on a cd jacket.
Is this a weird thing to be saying?

Probably just complete nonsense.

You guys are great, and I’ll stop being awkward on the internet now.


holycrappitsjo is some awesome people, guys.


what a wonderful window; what a wonderful place to be
what deliverance I’ve found that the world is spinning round without me.


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Jenny Holzer

"Pay no mind to what’s behind you
time reminds you there’s nothing you can do
I was picking up the pieces
when I heard you crying softly in my room
and if I put you back together
well, you never would have felt the need to move"

"The Fall and the Need to be Free", River City Extension (via 10-10wouldrecommend)